Chubi x kaomoji collab!

The official collaboration between Chubi & kaomoji is here! You might have seen the announcement posts already, so we're not going to tell you the same stuff again. Don't worry we're here to give you a peek into the story behind the collab. 

An inside peek

This special collection actually came to fruition thanks to our real life friendship (hence the title Friendship collection). We, Cherrie and Chi, got to know James and Leticia back in 2015 on a convention where we both were selling merch. At this point in time Chubi and Kaomoji just started out as brands. When we first met we had this great click. That same evening we actually had a foodparty together after the convention. This became the first pillar of the friendship. After that we can't even count how many times we've had dinner together. We weren't only hanging outside but also at each other's cribs. Secretly we became food buddies haha. 

Iteration makes purrrfect 

Okay so fast forward, 3 years later we're still working on Chubi & Kaomoji and, yes you guessed it, we're still friends. After many gaming sessions, food parties & conventions. The idea of working together to create something that would unify our brands was very exciting so the both of us were on board very quickly. Although I should say the struggle was also real. It was a challenge when we had to decide the core concept and design of the collection. Here's the first image of our brainstorm.

chubi x kaomoji brainstorm

That large Chubi drawing at the top was actually drawn by James 😂. After a few brainstorm sessions we were both excited to really merge our designs together because that showcases our friendship as well. 

We made a few iterations on designs going forward and had multiple meetings. Some were in relaxing cafe's and restaurants where we even had fluffy pancakes 🤤 Okay we're getting side tracked here, anyways check out the early design of Chubimoji.

We actually struggled a bit with the Chubimoji design and didn't want to emphasise too much on the happy emoji's so we switched it up with a sad version 😭 as well. After that we had to make it look good and also make it recognisable to the original kaomoji Unstable design. Eventually we got it right as you can see in the final design at the bottom of this post. 

For the Chubi Senpai, the design proces was a lot easier. The only iteration that needed some work was the underwear on Chubi's head. Well almost, until James wanted to have some fun with the underwear 🤣

Team up 👆

After deciding on the final designs we actually made a good split in operations for this special friendship collection. Leticia & Chi were responsible for business, operations and the photoshoot while Cherrie & James creatively designed every inch of the collection from the completed designs to the stickers and marketing material.

Point, click and shoot! 

In the early stages we were thinking of doing a shoot with models and create a vibe that people could relate to: hanging out with friends. This is quite hard to do with multiple models because they really need to have that spark and you have to be able to capture that. We moved away from the idea to use models and decided to make it really authentic and thought: "we should pose ourselves." Again this would strengthen the《Friendship Collection》concept. 

And so we did. We posed ourselves as models and it was a bit awkward at first but we got into the vibe very quickly. In case you're wondering where we shot our shoot. A big shoutout to MIA (Made in Asia) for letting us shoot and enjoy their incredible delicious shared dining dishes. Go try them out, you won't regret it ✌️

Shop the collab

There you have it. That's how we made the Chubi x kaomoji friendship collection. If you want to view the complete collection check it down below. Thanks for reading and give us a shoutout or DM on Instagram if you like the collab! <3

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